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Our success from the place that matters. The people we work with.

What you think of our service matters. These testimonials are just some of our successful customers. If you would like to know more about on of these testimonials, or would do us the honour of featuring on this page, please contact us and tell us your experiences. Your feedback tells a story, and has allowed us to fine-tune our methods over 20 years, making how2franchise the number 1 Franchising service in the UK today.

Wow what a start to the year 2017, I want say a big thank you, To Rod, Tom and the How2franchise team, for your efforts and patience, guidance and support in helping me get my franchising idea off the ground. With the support and guidance you have given, we were able to start 3 new franchisees on their way to creating new businesses for themselves. You’re very clear and in-depth analysis of the opportunity helped to put my thinking about franchising my business into practice and to arrive at a decision to move forward with the franchising of our business. Without your very clear and concise explanation as to the possibilities I would probably not have fully grasped the depth of the opportunity.

Geoffrey S Fisher

Fisher Healthcare Ltd

Although we had spent approximately three years developing The Bookkeeping Clinic business, quite honestly, we were clueless as to how we would actually franchise the business opportunity. Until, that is, we met Rod and his team. His laidback approach masked his vast experience helping other people franchise their businesses and he confidently led us through the franchise minefield. His assistance was invaluable and we have learned so much from him which, in turn, has led us to the growth that we are currently achieving. We would have no hesitation in recommending Rod and How2Franchise. Graham Aldridge

The Bookkeeping Clinic

I have found your team very helpfull , freindly and professional

Since contacting How to Franchise, i found out from an early stage that the long, and expensive process demanded by some consultants to start franchising TRACKman has been eliminated. The fees to get the process started,and also recruitmet costs are manageable.The future franchisees costs are also very fair to them in their package.

I have found that contact with Rod is constant so that i am kept aware of progress to date John Steer



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